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Deity Revealed in the Flesh - 1 Timothy 3:16
"The Virgin shall conceive" An examination of the hebrew: HA ALMA
A specific young unmated virgin woman . Isaiah 7:14
The Lord Jesus Was Crucified on the 14th. of the month of "the Abib"
3 Days and 3 Nights  How long was the Lord Jesus in the tomb?
The Day After the Preparation The Tomb Secured - Matthew 27:62-66
Why did Matthew say 'the day after the preparation.'?

The Lord's Passover - His Passion  "Easter" - The sequence of events -
The Sign on the Cross - Harmonised
A Calendar of the Hebrew Passover
A suggested chronology for the events in the Hebrew Passover.
The Amazing 70 "weeks" Prophecy in Daniel
began with the Lord's baptism and finished with Cornelious' baptism.
The Final 7 Years of Daniel's 70 times 7 Years
began with the Lord's baptism and finished with Cornelious' baptism.

INDEX:- Daniel's 70x7 years - MORE CHARTS & FILES

What is the one baptism?
(Ephesians 4:5) .
Another Argument Against Scriptural Baptism
(Refernce: Mark 16:16) .
The Ethiopian Eunuch's Confession
Why Acts 8:37 belongs in the Bible.
A Glaring Misinterpretation of Acts 2:38
What is "Christic Baptism"
J.W.Dale's 'spirit' baptism doctrine.
"Jesse James wanted for robbery"
In Acts 2:38 'For the forgiveness of sins' means 'For the forgiveness of sins'

A Good Conscience's Appeal
An analysis of the Greek of 1.Peter 3:21.
The Form of Baptism
The Roman 'Catholic ' church recognises baptism was immersion.

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Harmageddon - (Rev. 16:16) - by Frank Worgan
End Time Prophesies in Isaiah ?
The Times of the Gentiles
The Messiah's Throne is in Heaven - Now !
Augustine of Hippo's Biggest Blunder
His New Theology - Irresistable Grace - ref. Eph.2:8.
Were they "Ordained" or "Disposed" to Eternal Life  Ref. Acts 13:48
The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart
Instances when 'piel' means 'allow to happen' or the indirect cause of a happening

All Scripture is God Inspired - 2 Timothy 3:16
Were the blind cured on entering or on leaving Jericho ?
Reference: Matthew 20:29, Mark 10:46, Luke 18:35

Have modern theologians lost the plot?
"A woman will encompass a mighty man" [Jeremiah 31:22] is a prediction of the virgin birth ?

Perpetual Virginity ? Did the Lord's mother have children after his birth?
Is Sinai in Saudi Arabia ?   Reference: Galatians 4:25
Harps and Worship
Church or Lodge - Are Christianity and Freemasonry compatible?
The one-off reason why the universe exists.
Proving the existence of God by Graham A. Fisher
"Who has come up with the best proof ...?" Daily Mail 30 Jan.2002
The Father of Lights
(All genuine goodness is from God. James 1:13-17) .

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