Files and Charts Daniel's 70 x 7 years  Enquiries
THE BOOK OF DANIEL A study in the book of Daniel. The prophet's place in relation to God's strategy.
THE AMAZING 70 "WEEKS" PROPHECY IN DANIEL Fact Sheet 06. A chart showing when each period was fulfilled.
ARTAXERXES' REGNAL YEAR Charts Artabanus the usurper. Establishing the year Artaxerxes' reign began.
DANIEL's 70x7s: DATUMS Daniel 9:24. Limiting factors.
DANIEL's 70x7s YEARS FROM THE BASE DATE A Chart. The date "from" which Daniel's 70X7s are to be reckoned.
DATING THE DECREE TO RESTORE THE CITY OF JERUSALEM A Chart. Artaxerxes Longinamus' co-regency or actual regency.
DANIEL's 70x7 years A Chart. Every year listed from Xerxes' death (BC 458) to Cornelius' baptism (AD 33).
ROMAN DEPENDENCIES AND CLIENT KINGDOMS Daniel 7:24 The ten client kingdoms within the Roman empire at  the time of Christ.
THE SIX DECREES A Chart. Showing which start date gives the correct 483 year period end date.
THE LORD'S 3 YEAR MINISTRY - PETER'S KEYS Fact Sheet 07. Were all within Daniel's 70th. seven years.
PAUL and CORNELIUS' HOUSEHOLD Both baptised in the last year of Daniel's 70x7. Paul's and Cornelius' activities ran concurrently.
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Fact Sheet 09. Regular years and Months are counted from the month of the Abib (Nisan) but Jubilee years began on The Day of Atonement.