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In the Name of the Living God
- Christian issues of interest to Muslims -

With what momentous sacrifice
did Allah ransom Abraham ?

Qur'an 37:106-107

How can Allah have a son without a wife?
Qur'an 6:102 and 72:3

The Bible is Changed. Really ?

God So Loves You

Rule Number One

The Straight Way Qur'an 1: 6-7

Was the Messiah Executed ?  Qur'an 4:157

"THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST " [Mel Gibson's film ]
How could he suffer so much then say "forgive them" ?

  "The Gospel Of Barnabas" - Genuine or Forgery -
Muhammad in the Bible and
The Lord Jesus in the Qur'an

The Glorious Eternal Word of God  Kalimat Allah
Why would Abraham put a 14+  years old boy
on Hagar's shoulder?

Prayer and Fasting Advice from the Kita'b i Muqaddas.
3 Days and Nights
How long was the Lord Jesus in the tomb?
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