This translation of the scriptures is a revision of the King James Version. One might say that there is already a revision or two of the King James Version named King James Revised and another King James II. These translations are actually not purely revisions of the KJV but under close inspection they are found to be actually new translations.

There is good reason to have confidence in the KJV and many people still memorize the scriptures in that version. However the language of the KJV does a need updating for modern readers. Thus we have changed very few words in the revision but have eliminated archaic expressions and pronouns. All the pronouns like thee, thou, thine, thy, mine own, ye, whosoever, whereby, thereof, etc have been replaced with current pronouns. Some sentences have been rearranged but the words have not been changed. Many OT sentences in the KJV begin with the predicate first and subject last and indirect objects of a verb are often separated by other phrases from the verb. These sentences have not been changed but the word order has been adjusted to what a modern reader would expect to find. Phrases like "I have given into thine hand Jericho, and the king thereof " therefore become "I have given Jericho and its king into your hand," Also a few archaic words have been updated (for instance falsehood for leasing and go before for prevent) but for the most part the KJV vocabulary is retained. This then is really a 21st century King James Version. People comfortable with the King James Version will be comfortable with this translation.

The translation here is copyrighted but any use may be made of it except offering the text for sale. Any portion of it may be copied and passed on to others if it is not sold. If there is any doubt to the use the text will be put to please write to .